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Review Of A Renting Car Agency

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Review Of A Renting Car Agency

When I came for the very first time in California, I came by an airplane, so I didn’t have a car, which was really unusual for me since I always start the car, even when I go to store that is not even a half of mile from my house. I came to CA because of business and I needed a car to be able to go to different places. I decided to take a shoot at local car rental agency, and I was looking for a fast but still luxury car.

When I came to the agency, the  staff was really friendly, armed with the patience. I didn’t wait, since they had two agents that worked together. I have explained to the agent what I needed, and the agent suggested to me several options. I wanted fast and compact vehicle, with the luxurious touch, but nothing too prominent. Yes, I admit : I am really picky. After I had said that, the agent smiled kindly and showed me the catalogue with the cars. She pointed out three vehicles that I might like. Those were : Porsche Panamera, BMW M4 and Mercedes CLS63 AMG.

maxresdefault (14)

Having showed me the three vehicles that match my taste, I realized this company was doing serious business with a huge amount of experience. I was delighted since I always have problems with the car picking – I always find the flaw in offers. This time, I could not choose the car due to the fact that all three cars were excellent, perfectly matching my taste. I decided to go with BMW M4. After I made my pick, the agent slowly and carefully explained to me the specifics of the car : horse power, fuel consumption, transmission rate and the rest.

The next thing was paying. The agent kindly asked me to if I had credit card, since they usually accept credit cards as the best possible way of paying. I had credit card, but it was expired and I didn’t noticed. My head was about to blow when I realized that, but the agent said to me not to worry because I could pay with cash. The policy of the company is that they usually don’t accept the cash as a way of paying, but if it’s really necessary they will accept. I paid the renting, insurance and some other small fees, and I deposited some money as a guarantee.


Finally, I got the keys and I went to showroom to pick a car. The car was excellent ! It can be found in any luxury car rentals Los Angeles company. There was no single scratch on the body of the car ! I could even choose the color of the car, so I took the white one. The interior of the car was designed perfectly and it was black leather. I hit the road and was amazed how the car was perfect ! Smooth steering wheel, superbly balanced brakes, not even to mention the agility and car performance.

This company is highly recommended due to their professional service and 24/7 support. Everything they said, they respected it. I have used their service for 7 days, and every morning they called me to ask if everything was right. This is the service you don’t see every day !

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SUV Car Rentals

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SUV Car Rentals

Renting cars has never been easier, no matter what kind of car you seek for. You have tons of luxury car rentals, where you can find all types of vehicles that suit different needs and wishes. If you come with a family for example, you can find all kinds of SUVs. Of course, some of them are more expensive due to their performance, so you must determine what is your primary need and requirement. Since I have a big family, I have rented mostly SUV’s like Range Rover or Cadillac Escalade. These vehicles are quite pricey but they are worth of every dollar. So I will give you a quick review of these cars that I rented during my beautiful vacation in Orange County.

Range Rover is produced by British car brand Land Rover. It is a luxury SUV vehicle, often used for off road riding but also for family vacations and trips due to its size. Range Rover comes in two modelsL494_16_EXT_LOC02_AUTO_04_ms_1_293-182901_450x259 : Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque and both these models are available in car rental services . The first model was presented in 2005 at the North American International Auto Show, where this car gained big attention.

Turbocharged DOHC 24 valve engine is responsible for the smooth ride while 254 HP ensure that this SUV never stays in the mud in case off road driving. This version has ATPC (All-Terrain Progress Control) system that enables you conquering the obstacles on off road without your help: you simply turn on the mode, set the desired speed and use cruise control buttons integrated in steering wheel. Note that this mode operates only at low speeds. Sport version can be rented for $867 per month, which is fair price for this SUV.

Range Rover Evoque on the other hand is a little bit weaker and cheaper vehicle, compared to some features of the previous model – 16 valve DOHC engine with 9 speed automatic gearbox runs this car. This SUV can be found at $593 monthly fee. It is almost the same car, with some minor differences. Anyway, I recommend the first model.


Cadillac Escalade 2015 is a flashy glamorous SUV, powered by 420 HP and V8 engine with the top speed of 113mph. Strong brakes are one of the major attributes of this popular car, so you don’t need to worry whether you will be able to stop at the traffic light after some fast driving. Also, Escalade is famous for its rich interior – it has impressive  16 speaker Bose surround  system, blind spot warning, GPS, five USB ports and rear camera that help you with the parking issues. This SUV can be found in three different versions : Standard, Luxury and Premium – whatever suits you. Considering the fact that this is one of the best SUVs you can find on today’s market, an average monthly rental fee would be somewhere around $1140. This price was seen in most orange county car rental facilities.

These SUV’s are the top-quality vehicles that will give you complete pleasure in your family trip or even off road aventure. Whichever model you choose, I’m sure you will not be disappointed !

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Basic Things You Have To Consider When Renting A Car

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Basic Things You Have To Consider When Renting A Car

Renting a car is not a daily routine for most of people, but for those who rent a car regularly I have few words to say in order to ease their process of making decisions.  As you know, there are  tons of car rentals companies that offers different cars, but also they have different terms, prices and different conditions. Some companies will not let you rent a car if you are not 21 or older, while some companies will let you if you are just 18. It depends on companies rules but also on location of company (in Europe for example, you must be 18 or older to be valid for driving a car, while in USA you must be 21 at least). I will try to point out some basic things you should look for when renting a car.

Insurance is considered as default feature when it comes to renting cars. Naturally, you have different types of insurances, according to your needs. If you want to be sure that all costs of injuries will be covered in case of an accident, you should buy PAI or Personal Accident Insurance. Whether you need this insurance or not, you have to determine by yourself since some companies offer this insurance included in the price of car renting. SLI stands for Supplemental Liability Insurance that covers costs of other people’s property and medical costs for injuries that are responsible for. Each US state requires a minimum amount of SLI.


Another thing that is great about the insurances is the type of insurance called Personal Effects Coverage. PEC cover the loss of possessions from rental cards in case of theft, up to a certain amount of money. This is great thing if you travel with a lot of expensive jewelry, electronics or musical equipment. Just make sure to check carefully your insurance policy, since you don’t want to cut down you budget for unnecessary things, buying things you don’t need. You can always try to find Los Angeles luxury car rentals that offer the lowest prices.

Each car rental has different deductible price and differs in case of theft or loss. Some companies put additional insurance for this case on regular renting price, which results in sky high rental price ! So make sure you do double check before you pay anything. Of course, there are sometimes hidden fees that can increase the price. Hidden fees often include booking fee and cancelation fee,so have it in mind when you

rent a car.These three things mentioned above must be taken seriously since they can ruin your perfect holiday in your dream car. As I have said in the beginning, the key is in reading conditions and rules of a company you have chosen. I have rented many times cars, mostly in Los Angeles and I have never had any problems.

I can recommend enVus car rental company, which can be found in Santa Monica, LA County, and also in Santa Ana, Orange County. I have rented many luxury cars that were in perfect conditions. Not even to mention the kindness of staff that work there. So next time you find yourself in a situation where you need a car, have in mind some of these things above and there will be no problems !


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Luxury cars of LA

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Luxury cars of LA

If you are in Los Angeles and you are in the need of a car, why don’t you rent one? If you are there as a tourist or on business trip you shouldn’t allow yourself a car that will broke down. If you are looking for a classy cars of LA there are few car renting companies that you should definitely check out.

One of the most popular is definitely Luxury Car Rental so hear what cars they have to offer and think again would you like any of it. One of the most interesting cars in this company’s fleet is definitely Bentley Continental GTC V8. It comes in black colour and it is very reliable car. It has a Twinturbo engine with 527 Horse Power, heated seats, GPS navigation and many other features. It is a power convertible and if you are looking for a great car this is definitely something that you shouldn’t miss.


BMW 528i Sedan is quite popular car in Europe for renting and owning. Europe is quite rainy place on the other hand. This BMW has Automatic Sunroof and full leather interior so if you are looking for a classy car with a bit of lavishness in it considers this one. Its 2.0 L TwinTurbo engine with 240 Horse Power will give you domination on the highway. It is important to mention that it has eight speed automatic Transmission. It has a very good acceleration and if you are in the need of a good car this is a very good choice.

Companies Flagship when it comes to exotic cars is definitely Ferrari California T. This thing is going on the highest quality gasoline with its 3.9 Liter V8 Twin Turbo Engine with seven speed automatic Transmission. Of all the cool features only Cruise Control comes up as something very interesting. Rent price of this Ferrari cost about $214 per hour. The best cars always come for a big price.

If you are in the need of a big car and its space then think about Mercedes G63 AMG. It has five seats and four doors. It runs on 5.5 Liter V8 biTurbo engine with seven speed automatic Transmission. This type of car is luxury SUV and it does cost a bit more than others SUVs but once you sit in it you will definitely change your mind. Seats in this SUV are fully leather plated and the most important is that it has lots of cool features like Heated Seats, GPS, Back-up camera and all other features that you will require on a road. This SUV and many other can be found in ThisLosAngeles car rental company.


This company will provide you a driver if he is needed which comes at extra cost, of course. A pass ticket to Canada or to other states can be easily arranged after you show you driver’s licenced and give some of your personal information. For these luxury cars you must deposit some amount of money as insurance for any sorts of damage or crashes. Once you are landed in LA go to this company, fill out the forms and drive any car you want.

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Car Rental in Orange County

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Car Rental in Orange County

Orange county is one of the most popular places in the world.
It has very long beaches, and they are lightening with sunny rays. It also has many museums, history places, and big parks where you can enjoy with your family.
This is one of the best places where you can go with your family on vacation. If you coming from another side of the world, you can’t go by foot wherever you want to.
The best solution for you is to rent a car. Most popular car rental companies in Orange County are: Thrifty car rental, Avis car rental, Dollar rent a car… All of them have their web-sites and they are rated. So you can easier make decisions. Most of their cars are available for you.

They also offer you a test drive in whatever car you want. Every car that you rent has a navigation system so you can’t be lost in this big place.
And you can go to every destination that you want, depending on your wishes, just type in the coordination’s in the GPS and you will be there.2016-volt-820x420
The best thing about car renting is the price. They can find a cheaper car for you to save you money. Also many companies may offer you many kinds of discount. For example: If you rent a car today, next time you will save 20%. They are also offering you that you can pick up your car, for example on airport, and leave it on totally another destination with a little gas in the cars tank. This applies to the famous website “Avis car rental”. How awesome is this!?
This website also offers you to join in the business program and you can get 30% off rentals. Also you can earn free reward days. If you need a car for a less time in a month, this website offers you 10% off for monthly rent. They are well-rated so you can be sure that you are safe.
To look around this beautiful place you and your family will need a good car.
It was always very important to book your car before your arrival. In that way you would get it cheaper and you will be certain that the car won’t be booked.
One of the most popular cars are Volkswagens or some economy Chevies. Let’s take VW Polo for example which can be seen in more detail at any car rental like this one

Polo is a small family car that was made in Germany. You have many types of this car, but whichever you choose the comfort is guaranteed.
Its maximum speed is 200km /Hr. so it is not a very sporty car, but it is perfect for short trips and travels.
You can also have many cars which are similar to Polo, but little things makes judgments. You will decide what car is best for you and for your vacation, so good luck and enjoy in the best cars for good price. Don’t forget to visit some of these companies when you are in Orange County.

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