Review Of A Renting Car Agency

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Review Of A Renting Car Agency

When I came for the very first time in California, I came by an airplane, so I didn’t have a car, which was really unusual for me since I always start the car, even when I go to store that is not even a half of mile from my house. I came to CA because of business and I needed a car to be able to go to different places. I decided to take a shoot at local car rental agency, and I was looking for a fast but still luxury car.

When I came to the agency, the  staff was really friendly, armed with the patience. I didn’t wait, since they had two agents that worked together. I have explained to the agent what I needed, and the agent suggested to me several options. I wanted fast and compact vehicle, with the luxurious touch, but nothing too prominent. Yes, I admit : I am really picky. After I had said that, the agent smiled kindly and showed me the catalogue with the cars. She pointed out three vehicles that I might like. Those were : Porsche Panamera, BMW M4 and Mercedes CLS63 AMG.

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Having showed me the three vehicles that match my taste, I realized this company was doing serious business with a huge amount of experience. I was delighted since I always have problems with the car picking – I always find the flaw in offers. This time, I could not choose the car due to the fact that all three cars were excellent, perfectly matching my taste. I decided to go with BMW M4. After I made my pick, the agent slowly and carefully explained to me the specifics of the car : horse power, fuel consumption, transmission rate and the rest.

The next thing was paying. The agent kindly asked me to if I had credit card, since they usually accept credit cards as the best possible way of paying. I had credit card, but it was expired and I didn’t noticed. My head was about to blow when I realized that, but the agent said to me not to worry because I could pay with cash. The policy of the company is that they usually don’t accept the cash as a way of paying, but if it’s really necessary they will accept. I paid the renting, insurance and some other small fees, and I deposited some money as a guarantee.


Finally, I got the keys and I went to showroom to pick a car. The car was excellent ! It can be found in any luxury car rentals Los Angeles company. There was no single scratch on the body of the car ! I could even choose the color of the car, so I took the white one. The interior of the car was designed perfectly and it was black leather. I hit the road and was amazed how the car was perfect ! Smooth steering wheel, superbly balanced brakes, not even to mention the agility and car performance.

This company is highly recommended due to their professional service and 24/7 support. Everything they said, they respected it. I have used their service for 7 days, and every morning they called me to ask if everything was right. This is the service you don’t see every day !