Luxury cars of LA

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Luxury cars of LA

If you are in Los Angeles and you are in the need of a car, why don’t you rent one? If you are there as a tourist or on business trip you shouldn’t allow yourself a car that will broke down. If you are looking for a classy cars of LA there are few car renting companies that you should definitely check out.

One of the most popular is definitely Luxury Car Rental so hear what cars they have to offer and think again would you like any of it. One of the most interesting cars in this company’s fleet is definitely Bentley Continental GTC V8. It comes in black colour and it is very reliable car. It has a Twinturbo engine with 527 Horse Power, heated seats, GPS navigation and many other features. It is a power convertible and if you are looking for a great car this is definitely something that you shouldn’t miss.


BMW 528i Sedan is quite popular car in Europe for renting and owning. Europe is quite rainy place on the other hand. This BMW has Automatic Sunroof and full leather interior so if you are looking for a classy car with a bit of lavishness in it considers this one. Its 2.0 L TwinTurbo engine with 240 Horse Power will give you domination on the highway. It is important to mention that it has eight speed automatic Transmission. It has a very good acceleration and if you are in the need of a good car this is a very good choice.

Companies Flagship when it comes to exotic cars is definitely Ferrari California T. This thing is going on the highest quality gasoline with its 3.9 Liter V8 Twin Turbo Engine with seven speed automatic Transmission. Of all the cool features only Cruise Control comes up as something very interesting. Rent price of this Ferrari cost about $214 per hour. The best cars always come for a big price.

If you are in the need of a big car and its space then think about Mercedes G63 AMG. It has five seats and four doors. It runs on 5.5 Liter V8 biTurbo engine with seven speed automatic Transmission. This type of car is luxury SUV and it does cost a bit more than others SUVs but once you sit in it you will definitely change your mind. Seats in this SUV are fully leather plated and the most important is that it has lots of cool features like Heated Seats, GPS, Back-up camera and all other features that you will require on a road. This SUV and many other can be found in ThisLosAngeles car rental company.


This company will provide you a driver if he is needed which comes at extra cost, of course. A pass ticket to Canada or to other states can be easily arranged after you show you driver’s licenced and give some of your personal information. For these luxury cars you must deposit some amount of money as insurance for any sorts of damage or crashes. Once you are landed in LA go to this company, fill out the forms and drive any car you want.